This large refillable powder brush with soft, silky applicator brush is virtually shed-less.

This powder dispenser comes empty. It is important that you do not fill more than 3/4 full, or brush may clog.  It has three dial settings: I : light, II : moderate, and III full.

Refillable Powder Brush (empty)

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  • Directions:

    • Unscrew the silver bottom and take off the inner cap. Spoon in sunpowder. Important: Do not fill more than 3/4 full, or brush may clog. Replace both inner and outer bottom caps. Remove the top and twist the applicator to your desired setting. Tap applicator on the edge of your sink to sift the powder into the brush top.  Make sure you can see the (faint) ring of powder on the brush after you tap, to be sure the powder has come to the end of the brush. If you cannot see the ring of powder, then tap again, a little harder.

    • To REPLACE CAP, pull the neck of the dispenser all the way up to the top of the brush. The cap will go on easily.Tighten small silver cap to storage compartment EACH time you use the brush. If it moves around in your purse, it may work itself open with movement.

    • DO NOT WET THIS BRUSH, and try to avoid exposure to moisture or this may cause it to clog.

    • To WASH, empty contents completely, and wash in a solution of warm water and small amount of dish liquid or shampoo. Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly in a warm dry place. Once dry, use a blow dryer (low temp) to blow through the brush from inside the storage container.)

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