Our organic calendula-infused sunflower oil can be used as a serum or a cleansing oil. It is ideal for removing makeup, oil, and dirt. But once you're clean, put a little more on to moisturize, soothe, and strengthen your skin overnight. NIH studies have shown it even helps heal irritated skin. We could call it our Healing – Skin Strengthening – Cleansing Oil, it’s that good.


This wonderful oil is comprised of organic sunflower oil (the best oil for your skin according to NIH studies), infused for two months with organic Calendula flowers to provide many more benefits. Both sunflower seed oil and calendula oil have been shown (in NIH studies on newborns) to improve and strengthen skin. Calendula oil has also been proven to reduce inflammation, deeply moisturize, help heal burns and skin irritation, and provide anti-oxidant protection from UV-B damage.

We love this oil. It can be used on your face and neck, or all over your body, and is ideal for sensitive skin of all types. Perfect for gently removing the day. Dirt and makeup are whisked away without soap or detergent, and leave your skin moist and rejuvenated.

Organic Calendula Oil

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  • Our nutritive, healing oil contains only the following:

    • organic calendula flowers

    • organic sunflower seed oil

    • non-gmo vitamin e (preservative)

    • organic therapeutic grade essential oils (if you choose a scent)

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