Packaged in a sifter container for easy dispensing.


Customize your sunscreen with the included dark and light adjustment powders, and mix it with your own moisturizer, powder, or mica (not included).


Most sunblocks contain 20-40% active sunscreen, and users apply enough to get only half the SPF on the bottle. Nourisse provides a very high percentage of sunscreen (81 -96%) to provide full protection. (SPF is roughly equal to the percentage of sunscreen- with physical sunscreens like Zinc). Even if you add  additional powder such as mica, you can make your own 50+ SPF sunscreen. (You can also add your favorite moisturizer, just be mindful of the percentage (by weight) you add, so you do not dilute the spf more than you intend to.)


Apply powder with a facial cosmetic brush (not included) and blend well for an even-toned, natural look. Use a small brush for complete age spot coverage and protection. Our Refillable Brush is ideal for bringing your powder with you in your purse or car. The generous total of .5 oz of sunscreen powder will go a long way. (This total includes the additional adjustment powders provided.)



We include Light and Dark Adjustment Powders with every order. Should you need Pink Adjustment or Gold Adjustment (which neutralizes any excess orange), just ask. We will send your first additional powder at no charge.

100% Mineral Tinted Powder Sunscreen Kit in 10 Shades

  • • 81-96% ACTIVE SUNSCREEN – Zinc Oxide: Full Spectrum Protection and the First Choice of EWG. The lighter the shade, the more zinc. 

    • Long-Lasting Water-Resistant Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Powder providing the perfect base for a full spectrum SPF 50+ facial sunscreen. Add moisturizer or powder such as cornstarch or mica, or nothing at all for a super concentrated mineral sunscreen.

    • Hypoallergenic. Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores). Clean, dry feel. Great natural facial sunblock for sensitive skin and oily or acne prone skin. Also beneficial for Dry skin as Zinc creates a barrier to seal in moisture and help prevent skin from drying out.

    • Contains Only Three Pure Mineral Non-Nano Ingredients: Zinc Oxide for full spectrum sun protection, Iron Oxides for color, and Silicon Dioxide for smooth application.

    • No Preservatives, Parabens, Bismuth Oxichloride, or Fragrance. Non-nano, Oil-free, Paba-free, No Stearic Acid, PG or Derivatives, Petrochemicals or Any Harmful Chemicals.

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