Protect Your Skin

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

8. Protect Your Skin

• Use cream in the winter, not lotion, especially on your face, as the oil it contains provides more protection than lotion, which has a higher percentage of water. Also, change it up so your skin doesn’t lose its natural ability to produce oils. Once a week, take a day off from your heavy moisturizer and use a lighter one – or better yet – none at all.

• Soap dries your skin and strips it of its natural protective microbiome – your skin’s ecosystem of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms – second only in size to the biome in your gut. Try a mild oil-based cleanser like Nourisse Naturals Calendula Sunflower Oil. Oil cleans better than soap because it binds with other oils to dissolve oil and makeup on your skin, as well as clean your pores.

Rinse with water, before and/or after, and you’ll remove everything you want to remove, and leave your protective biome and

moisture intact. The idea that we need to be “squeaky clean” is wrong! If your skin feels taught, it means it’s dried out, whether from using soap, chemical drying agents sold as skin “tighteners” (to lessen the appearance of wrinkles), or being out in the sun and wind.

• Wash with luke-warm to warm, not hot water, which strips more oil from your skin.

• Keep wearing sunscreen, no matter how cold and cloudy the weather.

• In winter, your home probably needs a humidifier, especially if your heat is forced hot air. (Just be sure to clean it regularly.) Try the cute new personal, portable ones! If you don’t want to buy another appliance, put a heat- and rust-proof tray filled water on or near your radiators or heat vents and let evaporation do it for you. (My Mom uses Pyrex baking dishes. That way, she doesn’t have to worry about cleaning an intricate humidifier.)

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